One of the main distinguishing characteristics of network marketing is its emotionality. Often the emotion just hits the beginner, stunning and arousing suspicion, on the one hand, and pulling and relaxing on the other. All those cheering and chanting slogans, loud music and entertainment technology may be very strange for the unprepared people.

Emotionality of network marketing is also part of a deeper phenomenon – activate subconscious processes. There is no other kind of business in which personal and collective unconscious would be intensified so much. In this regard, the network business rather is comparable with the political parties and religious movements than with traditional business. This parallel is often carried out in search of negative arguments with respect to network marketing, not realizing at the same time that the activation of unconscious processes is generally very healthy thing for the modern neurotic society. When we strengthen our subconscious, we have access to many very important qualities and resources of the human psyche.

Firstly, it is energy, life force. Rational part of our psyche is not a source of energy, but rather it can be considered as a mechanism of clearance and redistribution of subconscious energy. The man with the stalled subconscious is lethargic and weak.

Secondly, it is work. For some this may sound unexpected, but the conscious part of our psyche, our personality, is not creative. It draws creative flow, but the flow is generated in the subconscious. The man with the stalled subconscious is boring and predictable.

Third, it makes sense. A person suffering from retarded subconscious is meaninglessness.

And finally, this is freedom. Like other important categories of life, freedom is not a product of personality. Sense of freedom appears in person when his conscious and unconscious processes are in harmony with each other. The man with the unconscious mechanistic is hindered and is not free.

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