In my opinion, the simple technique of using bullet points in your blog posts, is an extremely effective method to increase its readability. Furthermore, it will add some extra impact to it, as well. This technique of using bullet points is used most often in strong copyrighting, but it can be also used when writing for your next article.

* Bullets points are commonly used to draw attention/point out pertinent information that you want to convey to your readers. Presenting bullet points with short phrases, omits long paragraphs, which tend, to be dense, making it harder to view the pertinent facts that you want to get across to your readers.

Facts About Your Visitors:
The average web visitor will actually look at your page content for about 3 seconds. If it hasn’t grabbed their attention at this point, they’re outta of there. Therefore, utilizing bullet points at the beginning of your content will help show them what they are missing, if they decide to click away.

Using bullet points as a strategy:
Bullet points, make it, much easier to glance over your blog post/content, finding the information you want to convey. This will also encourage your readers to go back over your post, because the bullets will catch their attention.

One must provide your readers with quality content that is captivating and useful when using bullet lists. Using mini headlines is most often used and are extremely effective.

Here, are some examples for using bullet points in your blog posts:
* Bullet points are used to draw people back into the post.
* You can use them to set the mood when, including them at the beginning of a post.
* Highlight your key points, at a glance for your readers.
* They help to entice your readers to slow down and/or read the whole post.
* Initiate the execution, where the reader clicks on a link.
* They help you to organize your thoughts when recapping a post
* Use to increase blogs RSS subscriptions
* Prompting your reader to download a file or report.
* Improve your bounce-rate to keep visitors on your site for a longer period of time.

You want to use strategy that will encourage people to read your whole post. Therefore, use bullet points wisely and you’ll increase web traffic, and improve bounce-rate, as well.

Hope you enjoyed this article, “Be Sure to Use Bullet Points to Improve Your Blog Posts Readability

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