Implementing current events is one of the quickest ways to tap into a hot targeted pool of traffic almost immediately. Blogging is simple, but blogging without any strategy or without using the huge content pool that is circulating around you is a waste of time.

So how does a person use current events to get all of this targeted traffic that is just waiting to go where you lead it?

The main point here is to look for hot news stories that are trending on the major search engines. There are a couple of ways that you can do this.

One way to discover hot news trends that the majority of people are talking about is to use Google Trends.

If you type ‘google trends’ as your search query into your favorite search engine, you will see a short list on the homepage of ‘Hot Searches’. By simply clicking on any one of the phrases you will be shown a graph revealing the amount of traffic that term is getting throughout the day.

In addition to the graph you will also be provided with a list of news articles, blog posts, and search engine results created around the subject matter.

Another way you can find some hot topics is to look at the yahoo home page and see what is trending. Everyday various topics, individuals and places are listed and all you have to do is use Google’s free keyword tool to get an idea as to how much traffic these terms are receiving.

So how can you utilize this information once you get it?

If you happen to be writing a news blog this is a basic way to source for daily content that will get large amounts of visitors to your site.

Another way you can use this information is to create landing pages around the popular trends in your market and funnel that traffic into an affiliate offer.

You can funnel the traffic you get to an offer from clickbank, commission junction or to a cpa (cost per action) offer so that you can get paid everytime a person fills out a basic form.

With a very simple blog traffic tip like this you can literally triple the amount of traffic to your website almost instantly while cashing in with targeted display ads set up on a rotator to keep your visitors from experiencing banner blindness.

There are tons of websites all over the internet and everyday, individuals ask the same question: “how can I get more traffic to my website?” With this basic strategy you can take your income to another level.

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