The term “marketing” comes from the English “market”. It means the process of determining the customer’s request and direction of the flow of goods and services to meet this demand or a set of actions taken by firms to sell their products on the market. The network consists of several levels, each of which is transmission and distribution of goods to smaller parties. At the last level of the goods are delivered directly to end users. And here is formed the bulk of employment vacancies.

Known and used since ancient times, this way in recent years received its present name and a new interpretation.

Birthplace of its modern interpretation is the United States. Date of birth is early 80-ies of XX century. With this new interpretation of network marketing has already become an integral part of the economy of many countries and its influence continues to grow steadily. Each year, the scope and range of its application expand. For successfully conquer the markets develop their own business.

What causes such high performance of network marketing? Obviously, they are rooted in the specifics of the structure of its costs. Due to the absence of such imposing costly items such as rent for commercial space and purchase of commercial equipment, content protection and other service personnel and others in the network marketing companies achieve a significant reduction in costs. Increased economic efficiency also due to the high degree of economies of scale in this industry allows to implement faster the goods. It is no secret that the company of any industry seeks to minimize the amount of tax deductions. And it is in the field of network marketing for most of the available opportunities. These are the main ingredients for success of the business industry today.

A network marketing is just related to the services sector, moreover, personalized services – sales agent to deliver products to each customer, gives detailed advice and individual advertising. In addition, it should be noted that the efficiency of its use increases with the increase in the level of alternative marketing costs (rents, licensing, advertising costs, etc.). In our life it is the rule rather than an accident.

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