For days now I’ve been telling you about this cool product I am creating which is a series of videos, books and articles teaching internet marketing from scratch. 


I’ve been giving you graphic details of my struggles and triumphs so far.  And let me be honest, I have had some small victories until now and I value my victories because this is what keeps me going.  


It’s wining the small battles that make me dare to face the all out war.  It’s the little things that make me happy and allow me to carry on relentlessly.


The sad reality is that no matter how strong you are and how many battles you win; you still may ultimately lose the war. 


I say May, because as you know, nothing is certain but I believe that even if there is a 10% chance that I may succeed and win the war, I have to give it a try.


I never believed that you can get what you want without doing any work.  I am not lazy; I take action when I need to so why shouldn’t my dream become reality?


No one said life was easy! What  I always said is “ It’s only the first 100 years that’s hard.  It will get easier after that!”


And no one can say that success is automatic.  It’s not.  It takes a lot of effort and it takes a lot of guts to go for it.

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