So far I have been talking at length about sales copy and how important it is in making your internet business a success. 


Still, I can confess, I haven’t even scratch the surface yet in explaining the importance of copywriting.


However, there are some other factors one needs to be aware of when conducting business on line and traffic is right there at the top as equally important as the copy.  The reason is obvious.  If you don’t have traffic, no one can see your sales page and no one will know about your product so there will be no sale.


So if you have something that you want to sell online,  If you are interested in how you can market your product or service online without it costing you any money, here is a free tip:


Use Digg


Digg is a social bookmarking site.  It allows you to post your website address or article that has been posted on another site and draw attention to yourself.  The only thing that you need for Digg is an e-mail account.   You can post a website address with a title like “Think Yourself Thin” and you will get people who will click onto that link, which will take them to your sales page.  It is a good way to use free online marketing. 


Social bookmarking is one aspect of viral marketing.  When you read “21 tips to viral marketing success,” you will be inspired by many more ideas that teach you how to use viral marketing to work for your.  In addition to social bookmarking, you will read about many more ideas that can teach you how to get others to help you sell your product, service or idea. 


The only problem is that I can only offer “21 tips to viral marketing success” for a short time. so you have to act fast. 


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