Content is King! Oh no, I hear you cry, not that again! But, if you have anything to do with inbound internet marketing you will know this mantra well.

I always thought this mantra was similar to a book I once received as a gift: ‘100 ways to become a millionaire’ It was very funny, and it was full of ideas like ‘Win the lottery’ – well duh! Okay, so we all know content is king, but how does the ordinary mortal publish the massive quantity of compelling, remarkable content that is needed?

Few people realise content can be re-purposed quite easily, and your precious content idea can be used again and again. In fact there are loads of formats and versions of a single idea. This is nothing to do with duplicating your content, just the efficient use of it!

Re-purposing content ideas works like this: First you have the idea, let’s say for example, you have a recipe for cooking widgets. Next, and possibly the most obvious use of this is to blog about it. Then, you could write an e-book – just add greater detail and maybe some pictures to your original idea. Don’t forget, if you can make an e-book out of your idea you have some more blogs – promoting their release. You can create a video explaining your idea, you can make a sound-only recording for a podcast…are you getting the jist?

The point is, an idea for original, remarkable content is valuable, and you should not waste it. Re-format it, re-draft it, Re-use it!

Wait a minute, I can hear you thinking. Doesn’t Google peanalise websites for duplicate content? Yes, but this is not duplicate content – your single content idea is simply being converted into different versions, each of which is suitable for a specific channel. For example, a blog about a widget recipe and a video on YouTube showing you cooking the widgets and explaining the recipe is not duplicate content – it’s a single idea in two different formats.

As far as Google and Bing and the rest are concerned that is a perfectly legitimate way of promoting your expertise and knowledge. When you look at it, if there was only one way of broadcasting an idea there would be no need for more than one website on any given subject. Consider this: there are millions and millions of different birthday cards available, but the thought is exactly the same for all of them – to wish your husband, wife, child, friend, whoever a happy birthday.

You can see the full content lifespan mindmap, or even embed it on your own website if you like, just check out my web marketing resources for details.

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