It is certainly possible to get high rankings in the search engines for each blog post you make without putting in much effort. Too many people make the mistake of regularly posting on their blog without giving any thought to keywords. So here are a few tips to help you achieve high rankings for each blog post you make which will increase the traffic to your blog.

Firstly, the most important thing you need to do is spend some time doing keyword research before posting on your blog.

It is very important that you choose a different long tail keyword phrase for each blog post you make. Each blog post is equivalent to a new page, so that is why you will want to make sure that you optimize each blog post for a different keyword phrase.

Select keyword phrases that have low competition and only a few searches per month. I really do mean only a few searches i.e. 30 – 300 monthly searches. If you are consistently and regularly posting on your blog the few visitors you get for each blog post will soon add up over time.

Add your keyword phrase in the title and two or three times in the actual post. If you add an image to your blog post you can add the keyword phrase in the alt image tag as well. If you are using an SEO plugin on your blog, be sure to add the title, description and keyword phrase in the form provided.

You can monetize each blog post by linking to one of the online business opportunities, an affiliate product or home business ideas you are promoting. Or an alternative way to monetize is to blend Google Adsense ads into your blog posts.

Then a further step you can take to push your blog post higher up in the rankings is to write an article related to the theme of your blog post and distribute it to the article directories. In the resource box use two links, i.e. firstly link to the home page of your blog with your blog’s main keywords and secondly, be sure that you link to the blog post you want to rank higher with the keyword phrase you optimized that blog post for.

If you follow these simple steps you will have many of your blog posts on page one of the search results which will result in increased traffic and sales.

These blogging tips are designed to help you make money blogging in 2013. The are based around my exciting online journey that has taken me from struggling newbie to full-time online entrepreneur.

The key with making money from blogging in 2013 is to stay consistent and treat it as a long term action plan. The work you do today might not pay off until 90 days time. But then things will really start to snowball.

1. Blog Daily – Post a fresh new blog post each and every day. If you have the time then do 3 or even 5 posts a day. The more the better as you will get your market share up quite quickly for more visitors to your website. The key to blogging for search engine traffic is to base each blog post around a long tail keyword. This is a low competition phrase that you can easily rank for rather than competing for major terms.

2. Syndicate Blog Posts – Don’t just hang around for the search engines to send you visitors for fee. Get your blog posts out there in front of people right away. The best way to do this is by syndicating your content to social media outlets such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. You can use tools such as OnlyWire to help automated this process.

3. Build An Email List – The money is in the list with internet marketing in general, and it is no different for bloggers. Make sure you have an obvious place on your blog where visitors can pop in their email address and request more information about you and what you are offering and to receive updates and tips. When you build a big email list that you have a good relationship with then you can simply make money by sending out an email in a few minutes a day.

4. Affiliate Programs For Bloggers – The best way to make money blogging in 2013 is to promote affiliate programs that are a good fit for the type of visitors that are arriving at your blog. But don’t just promote one single low ticket ebook on Clickbank, look to send your blog visitors into a high converting sales funnel. The real money is made by blogging when there are high ticket affiliate programs as part of your sales funnel.

5. Guest Blogging – In addition to writing daily keyword targeted content onto your own blog, you can often get quicker and easier blog traffic by posting on other peoples blogs. Go to high traffic blogs in your niche and see if they offer guest posting opportunities. Some of the big authority blogging sites will often let you apply to become a writer to post daily content onto their site for free.

In this article we will quickly go over how to make money online by selling information products with my step by step system.

Information marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The reason for the popularity of this method is that it is an extremely scalable business model.

By selling information products online in the form of ebooks, audio and video training courses you simply create the items once and sell them over and over again. In fact, you don’t even need to create these products yourself as you can just promote the products of others as an affiliate marketer.

For the typical online entrepreneur, it is easier and quicker to make money online by promoting affiliate products than going through the complexities of product creation and thus that is where my system in this article is focused:

1. Pick A Product To Promote – Find an information product to sell as an affiliate marketer. Look through the popular affiliate market places such as Clickbank, Commissions Junction, JVZoo, Payspree, and Plimus. You can also find excellent affiliate programs directly with the product vendor in some cases. For example, many product vendors host their own affiliate programs using the InfusionSoft platform and make it very lucrative by giving you not just credit for front end sales that you generate, but all backend sales as well.

2. Build An Email List – Before you drive traffic to your affiliate offer it is important to capture the email address of your visitors first. That way you can follow-up via email to the people who do not buy at the first attempt. The way to do this is to create a lead capture page (or squeeze page) that has the same sort of heading as the sales page of the affiliate product. When people enter in their email address to find out more, you immediately divert them to the information product sales page with your affiliate link.

3. Drive Traffic – OK, so now you have a high paying affiliate product to promote and a way of generating leads for the campaign. The final step is to drive as much traffic to this offer as possible. The quickest and easiest way to do this is with solo ads. You simply pay the publisher of an email list to advertise your link to their subscribers. In addition to paid solo ads, look for a daily stream of free traffic by posting regular blog posts, articles, and videos to both your own site and other authority sites out there on the internet.

Stay consistent of this process of driving traffic to a lead capture page and following-up via email to increase your affiliate sales and to make money by selling information products online.

In this era of recession, one of the most popular strategies adopted to be in touch with customers is Search Engine Optimization. It is the best way to advertise a product or service. In fact, internet marketing gets a boost with the use of SEO techniques. SEO or search engine optimization works on the basis of content, keyword and backlinks.

SEO developers assure their clients about the type and variety of content required for their website. Content is expected to be rich in information, quality and vocabulary and target the right audience. SEO techniques are also used for locating the keywords for the product or service. There are several keywords used for content writing on a specific topic, however; the best and most commonly used keywords which relate to the product or service are selected using SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization also works in creating effective resource box. From this place, the client actually gets connected to his customers. If the article or content is presented in prolific manner, the traffic is bound to visit the website quite often.

Promoting such product or service is also possible with social media marketing. The technique has fast emerged as a source of viral marketing where information is passed among the people in network within seconds. Social media marketing came into existence when new applications to create a network of people came into existence. On a single networking platform, several applications are used and messages are shared. You can view messages quite easily and share them among people who are close to you in your life and profession.

Along with Search Engine Optimization, SEO developers don’t forget to work thoroughly with graphic design. Designs attract and appeal. The graphic design developers have the potential to design the websites using the best web design software. They not only aim to enhance the appeal but provide a quick means in the form of website to keep the clients visiting quite often. Graphic design people are accommodating updates several times a year to suit client requirements.

It has become quite impossible to stay without Search Engine Optimization. New ideas and techniques are introduced every day on the net platform. Every website owner intends to receive maximum number of visits. Maximum visits should be fruitful. It is expected to be converted into generating revenues for the company. At the same time, it is significant to keep in mind the use of right and correct information. The information shouldn’t be misleading and difficult to understand. It must carry a purpose. The purpose to sell the product could be well-achieved by using other internet marketing tools like affiliate marketing. Every time, someone clicks on an advertisement, the client is bound to pay the person who has agreed to display the advertisement. With pay per click and pay per sale options, it is quite easy to make customers, somewhat, permanent clients of the organization. Search Engine Optimization techniques are, thus, considered the best web marketing tools to establish connection with prospective buyers.

Maybe you began with the best intentions to start writing and submitting articles in earnest, but for one reason or another you didn’t see that effort through. As a business owner, you know that it’s not enough just to have a website–you know that marketing your business is essential to your business’ continued growth and success.

But what if you tried and fell short? Or what if you didn’t even get past the starting line? In that case, I want to give you some encouragement. Just because you haven’t met your article marketing goals so far doesn’t mean that you won’t do so within the year.

In fact, there are a lot of positive things that can come from not succeeding at something.

If you’ve only half-heartedly started submitting free reprint articles to publishers or if you’ve neglected to start at all, here are 5 points of encouragement you may not have considered. I hope that reading these will give you the spur of motivation that you need to try again…

1 – It sounds strange, but failing at something can actually enable you to succeed at it later on. I was reading a report on people quitting smoking, and it said that the greatest predictor of eventual success was whether or not the person had tried to quit smoking before.

Apparently, every time you make an attempt at something you build up your internal reservoir of motivation. You may need to try several times before you finally accumulate enough motivation to finally succeed, but each of those “failed” attempts is really aiding you in your eventual success.

This means that trying something and failing is not a waste of time or energy. Your effort still “counts” and can benefit you in the long run.

2 – There have been some very smart and innovative people who made a habit of failing before they finally succeeded. Take Thomas Edison for example. Supposedly he tried and failed at creating a light bulb hundreds of times before he finally got it right.

Apparently he didn’t mind having to try so many times before getting it right. He said, “I have not failed once. I have succeeded in discovering hundreds of ways that will not work. When I have eliminated all the ways that don’t work, I will find the one that does.”

What a great attitude! It’s thinking like that that makes you want to keep trying.

You may be thinking that you have “failed” at writing articles on a steady basis, but why don’t you change your perception so that you think that you have succeeded in discovering ways not to write articles on a steady basis. If you keep on trying, eventually you’ll come up with a method that works for you.

3 – Focus on what you’ve learned so far in falling short of your goals. Thomas Edison learned what not to do, what didn’t work, and he considered that knowledge valuable. What have you learned from not successfully getting your article marketing campaign going so far?

4 – Change your goals and adjust your expectations.

It could be that you set your sights too high, and then when you didn’t reach your goals you got discouraged and felt like a failure. Instead of getting down on yourself, why not adjust your expectations?

Oftentimes we are our own worst critics. Why not set yourself up to succeed and create an easier plan of action, one that allows for mistakes and lapses? Perhaps you can work up to writing a certain number of articles a month, and you can determine how many months it will take you to get up to speed.

5 – I know it is a blow to your morale to try something and fall short, but don’t give up! Starting an article marketing campaign is pretty straightforward–just learn to write articles on a consistent basis each and every month and submit them. Create some short term goals that you can definitely meet, and that will improve your confidence.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can change your behavior and learn a new skill. By this time next year, if you find a way to start submitting articles and stick with your article marketing strategy, your website traffic could be dramatically improved.

I enjoy passing along what I learn about making money online through article marketing and in my blog. I have been doing this for over 10 years now.I also enjoy creating videos and adding those to You Tube.

It’s pretty easy to find new ways to make money online because things are rapidly changing in this market. Because of the economy, and how many people are unemployed, making money on the Internet has become a necessity and more and more people are looking into ways to do it.

It’s easy to get started making money online, but it’s hard to actually do it. I would venture to say there are still more people who try to make money and fail, then there are those that actually stick with it long enough to learn how to do it.

Blogging is a fast way to get started with your own website. It’s also an excellent way to make money on the Internet because you can monetize your blog with affiliate products very quickly.

You can also write articles for other bloggers and make money blogging that way. Many bloggers tend to do a combination of both.

When you are blogging for yourself you will not make any money until you get somebody to purchase something. In the case of affiliate marketing you might get them to click on an ad or fill out a lead for and make money that way as well.

Another thing that bloggers are doing very successfully is building an email list from the traffic that comes to their blog. This can be a good long term solution for making money as you promote offers out of your list.

Some people think of making money online as completing get paid to programs. This does work. You might get paid to type data entry, or complete surveys.

One of the best things about making money online is how easy it is to research strategies to do it. Discussion forums are a good source of that. You can find those

Of course you can Google search specific opportunities, or even go to You Tube and watch videos about making money. You Tube is the third most visited website on the Internet every day.

It’s interesting that over 687,000 searches are done every minute on Google. Of course it is the most visited search engine online.

Social media sites such as Facebook are also a good source of information. This has made referral marketing a good way to learn how to make money online. If you hear of something that is working from a friend you are more likely to give it a try.

If you are running your own online home business, you will know that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and this will determine the income you generate. So your main focus and the bulk of your time will be spent on generating targeted traffic to your website. In other words you main job will be marketing.

The internet is a rapidly changing environment, so as an online business owner you need to keep up to date with what works and what no longer works. Bear in mind that promotional methods that worked two years ago may no longer work today. So it is really important that you are aware of what marketing methods will have a positive impact.

You’ve no doubt seen that it is often recommended that you develop multiple streams of income online. This is so you do not rely on one income source. Ideally you need a few sources so that your income is not drastically affected should one opportunity go down for some reason or another.

The same applies to promoting your online home business. You do not want to rely on your website getting traffic from just one source. Ideally you want to master a few online marketing strategies so that you are driving traffic to your website from a variety of sources.

This includes traffic from the search engines too. Don’t just optimize your site for Google, aim for high rankings in Yahoo and Bing as well. Never rely on one search engine for organic traffic.

It is advisable to start off by learning two or three traffic generating methods and then you can always add more once you have mastered those. It is not advisable to try and learn too many methods at once. This can cause confusion especially if you are new to internet marketing. So be prepared to go through a learning process so that you become skilled at several different methods.

Select methods that are proven to work and that you are comfortable working with. You will be working with these methods on a consistent basis, so it will not take long for you to master them and develop a routine for driving traffic to your website.

Generating targeted traffic from a variety of different sources will ensure that your online home business still receives visitors should one source takes a dip. This will also ensure that your income does not take a serious dip too.

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